For Design Literacy class, students were asked to create a speculative design artifact of any form that frames and describes Fake News. The goal of the project is to look into what are Fake News, what is Speculative Design, and combine both into a artifact. The goal is not to look for solutions for Fake News, but to create awareness about it.
Museum of Fake News is a Virtual Reality where the user can read recent Fake News that were published and visualise how those Fake News will affect the near future, so the user can get a better sense of the negative impact that Fake News have in our society. The Virtual Reality experience consists of a quiet and vulgar museum, with Fake News spreads displayed on the walls; however, when the user starts to explore the room and stares at each fake new spread, it brings the user into a futuristic museum where he/she can sense how that specific Fake New will affect the world in a near future (see the video above). 
'Museum of Fake News' app was built for Android platform, using Unity and Blender software.

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