BA Graphic Design Major Project
Design can be used in many areas of knowledge. Because digital design is my main area of interest, I have always known I wanted to focus this Major Project in digital design, as well as to find a way to use my design skills in something practical and with a purpose.
Only a small percentage of people that suffer with stress-related disorders seek professional help. As a result, people seek out treatments that they can access at home using their own computer or mobile device. ​​​​​​​
VRoom is Virtual Reality app which allows the user to immerse in 360° high resolution rooms, each designed to help induce relaxation. VRoom recreates  relaxing spaces in virtual space, by combining existing therapies in clinical practice as well as a selection of ambient audio to accompany the immersive experience.
Interactive website:
VRoom is available on Google Play Store. Click here to download the app now!
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